Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Stitches of another color

I've been sewing.

I had some issues with tiny little technicalities, like when I bought a remnant I didn't know if it was 44 or 60 inches wide, and as it turns out I chose wrongly. So I had to go hunting for more flannel.


How could I resist? Look at that face...

I thought I'd start small, since the only sewing I've done in over a decade was a set of curtains last week (on the snow day). The results?

baby hat

For you technical types who want to see the guts of every project (uh... me):

baby hat inside

The darn cats don't "do" hats so I can't get any modeling pics.

I'm working on the bunting bag (that would look like either of the two views above that don't have legs). Zippers are, errr, trying. Not to mention zippers involve pinning (getting good at this) and pressing (again, I am an ironing goddess) and basting. Basting. I can baste a turkey, but a zipper? Yeesh.

In other project news, I have two projects on the needles with deadlines. It's always the deadline projects that throw me off. One is a scarf and one is a blanket, and both are supposed to be birthday presents. To finish the blanket in time, I need to complete 0.71 strips per day. I don't know what that means exactly, other than I am going to be crocheting a lot for the next week.

And then there's the scarf... but it's a ladder yarn, and garter stitch on size 15 vampire stakes. I think I'll make it.

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ETownDZ said...

So much cute! The trouble is that I look at that and think "I should make that, too!" As it is, I have to make a quilt for my brother's wedding in addition to the two baby quilts, and then there's all of the knitting and crocheting to be done. I'd better quit working soon...