Friday, December 15, 2006

Not Quite a Month

I can't be declared legally blog-dead until I've hit a month, right? Let's operate on that theory for a moment. (Note: I wrote this going off of the date on my blogger dashboard, telling me that I had altered my blog in a month; turns out I missed it by a day. So call me resurrected.)

I'm in between Tums eating sessions and yesterday we found out that the baby is a boy so I can call him a he instead of an it now! Even though I told Paul I thought he was a boy from the start, I'm still rather surprised that I was right even with a 50/50 chance. And HE is kicking me. So I can use my blue yarn!! I have some yellow and green Baby Teri that I'm anxious to get going on, but in my defense I only just figured out that the yarn I bought on super sale for "our baby" is now being called into duty. I'm not in denial, it's just that I think the baby is possibly eating my brain.

I made whipped shortbread cookies on Wednesday. They are light and airy .. shortbread. Much better on day 2 than they were straight out of the oven! I'd promise a picture, but that never goes well. So I may post a picture. But I really want to make more cookies instead.

I also feel like knitting again. I've been operating on a limited scope of yarn projects for Christmas - everybody is either getting cat toys or potholders, and if they think I am kidding they are going to be sorely disappointed. I really have more yarn than should be legal and so much of it is aquired acrylic that has a few specific destiny options. One of the quicker options is becoming potholders. Merry Christmas, cooks and cats.

Okay but there is one scarf I need to make, and I need my other vampire-killing size 15 bamboo stake needle. If you see one wandering around looking lost, please send him home. His twin needs him to get anything done.

**UPDATE**: The needle was found cowering beside a bookcase. It's no wonder; he's been cold and lonely for a few months now. Poor baby.


Anonymous said...

Feti do eat brains... its true. This is why you forget more, the more kids you have.

What was I saying?

Rhett said...

ITS A BOY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! let the potholders and cat toys begin! i want to know how to make cat toys!