Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Pack up the babies and grab the old ladies

Well we finally decided what we're doing for Thanksgiving. Since both factions of Paul's family are close by (the Montagues and the Capulets) we weren't going to travel anyway, since my family might as well be in Timbuktu considering our current desire to pay for gas. I don't care if it's down to $2.30 a gallon, I'm still combining trips out and not going anywhere without a reason.

Anyway, we've been invited to dinner with friends and of course, the Montagues and Capulets. The Montagues are undergoing a family reunion of sorts, so that not showing up at all is not even really a possibility in their minds. We couldn't possibly have anything more important going on in our lives. The Capulets invited us to dinner, no guilt, no strings, just come if you'd like. The Montagues presume too much. The Capulets attraction is in their hands off attitude.

Naturally, we're going to both the Montagues and Capulets. There simply will not be time to also see the friends (sorry Sarah :( ). We're going, we're probably bringing something, we'll eat far too much food, some of which will be delicious and some that will be terrible. But the most important thing is that we're telling them that we're not doing this ever again. Next year, we'll have a baby. I don't care if the baby is too young to eat turkey when Thanksgiving happens. I don't care if it would be easier to pack up everything and go to someone else's house than to cook and host either the Montagues or Capulets here. I don't care about any of that because our family is intact, and my child is not going to suffer the consequences of a divorce that was not even between his or her parents (this is assuming Paul does not divorce me before next year, natch). So Paul's parents got divorced. If they could have each taken a half of him, they would have, but instead they had to continue to share and fight over him until... oh wait, they still do. Now they just fight through him. I married him, knowing that to a certain extent he is both Paul Montague and Paul Capulet. I am too. But our child will not be playing this little game.

So mark your calendars, because this year is both the beginning and the end of the Montague and Capulet Traveling Freak Show.


Anonymous said...

I just wrote a reply to you and it was lost.

Basically this is what I said:

1-You sound soooo excited. :-P
2-Don't worry about us. From the sounds of things Cuddy thought you might not be facing the feud and we wanted you to know you are always welcome here - of course.
3-Well, that's mostly it. Just... try not to be too miserable? :-P

Rhett said...

i love you!!!

maybe next year i will just copy and paste this posting into my blog and change the names a little :)

it'll be okay. the parents-o-paul will settle down. i mean - and if they don't, i am sure you will do your dead level best to settle them. they are just excited for you and paul and want to celebrate that with you. just set time limits on how long you will be staying at each house and then stick to it. it will teach them your independance and later gain you some respect for sticking up for "your family." traditions are only good for seven years, or so my grandmother says... so it may just be time for a change :)

Dragonfly Judy said...

One of the great things about a baby is that it allows you to say things like "the baby can't travel right now" and is unable to contradict you (like it will a few years later...).