Wednesday, July 12, 2006

A Housewife with Links, Volume 1 Issue 4

What, did you think I forgot you?

I didn't. I promise.

Knitting Sudoku. Freakin' awesome. And Rhett - this might be the solution to a knitted reprodution of that rug. You know. THAT rug. That one. My little wheels are spinning.

While perusing the new Knitty scoop, I clicked a link and found out something about the mighty apostrophe. It's not this: '. While that's just fantabulous for some, I can't seem to use the alt-fix on a blogger writing box and you will in turn have to suffer through my "dumb" apostrophes. Luckily I can change my handwriting; if you know me in person, you'll know why that's lucky.

Find a "pick-your-own" farm in your area.

Etsy - it's like eBay for all the handmade hotness.

Ladies - the solution to the age-old question of how to pack that stuff that you pack is here. That is, if you knit. Otherwise, I got nothin'.

Now, for a new award - the lamely titled Cool Blogger of the Week. This week's Cool Blogger is Crazy Aunt Purl. Finding her site is what led me to this knitblogaverse to begin with. Which led to link posts. Which now leads back to CAP. Now that we have some sort of circular logic infinite loop situation going on here, I can proceed. But first, I need to say that the one about the bus ("Just another act perpetrated by The Man")is still my favorite CAP post ever. Followed closely by the origin of the Mary Poppins Gang post ("Just one little story"). Warning: Not safe while drinking. You will snarf that coffee.

And just so you know, I'm serious about the - Do you have a great link? Email me at housewifewithyarn AT gmail DOT com. Seriously.


Stephieface said...

That link to the raggin wagon chick... she's a weirdo. ;)

Kim said...

The Bus on Fire post is my favorite post of all the internet EVER. Crazy Aunt Purl is forever my hero for that. Because of her, I have even less shame calling out the assholes of the world.

Rhett said...

well, i have been debating the knitting soduku and i love the idea. i think it will be great for the blanket idea and i am debating on what project i can use to adopt it... i like it...

you know i'm a nerd and sit at my desk working the darn puzzles while things aren't busy (oh mighty excel you are wonderful) and so i just turned a few of my "solved" ones into a patchwork blanket and it was CUTE! good call on this one!

Dorothy said...

I love reading Crazy Aunt Purl's blog. She cracks me up and sometimes even makes me cry with the humaness of divorce.

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