Thursday, July 06, 2006

A Housewife with Links, Volume 1 Issue 3 (The Holiday Edition)

I'm going to need some sort of Jedi mind trick to convince you that today is still Wednesday. So...

Today is the NEW Wednesday! Okay well everybody is thrown off on a holiday week, right? And yesterday, I was thrown off and then lured out of the house by the sweet siren call of fire-roasted marshmallows.

Links now open in new windows. The people have spoken!!

Fibery Goodness

The summer Knitty is up! The posting schedule is here, for future reference.

If you haven't found the Yarn Harlot, find her. She posted recently about a request for "nutritous" baby hats.

Eunny finished her pink twisted stitch sweater - and it's gorgeous.

Did you know that Herrschners has a weekly yarn sale? Not to mention they also run

Cara (poison ivy victim from Issue 1) masterminded Spin Out 2006 which was chronicled in the new Knitty. They raised almost NINETEEN THOUSAND DOLLARS for Heifer International - and that is amazing.

One of my favorite enablers, KnitPicks, has come out with their own set of needles. They're selling interchangables at size 4 and above, circulars, and dpns. I've heard good things - although I don't remember where I heard them.

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Rhett said...

i want the interchangables!! those are fantastic!!!!

Judy said...

The interchangeables are very, very nice. I have the set and I really like them. Now all I need is for them to make the smaller needle sizes with 47" or 60" cords, so I can retire ALL my Addis. I emailed Knitpicks and they were very nice -- they were planning to see how the response was before they added more. I think we can say that the response was good! :-)

The banana bread is excellent. I didn't bake it long enough (and I think I had too many bananas in it) so it's a little gooey in the center, but who cares?? I'll definitely be making it again. We go through banana phases at my house...either I can't keep them in stock or no one eats them. Now I have something good to do with the ones that no one eats.