Wednesday, June 07, 2006

I survived...

... although there have been stunning revelations. Such as it is completely legal and possible to fly in the US without any ID whatsoever - not just under duress, like losing your wallet. You just get an extra special search at the airport. How do I know this? My sister.

Tomorrow and Friday I am helping out some friends whose daycare is closing for a few days just when it is least convenient for either of them to take off from work. So while I'm happy to help of course, I have no clue what to do with a 4 year old for two days. Then again, he's probably trying to figure out what to do with me. :)

After I dropped off the family at the train station yesterday (a full hour early) I stopped by the yarn store for a little retail therapy. Evidence later. Then last night we went to camp, where I forgot to bring my camera (even after specifically charging my camera battery just to take it to camp). I ate something with splenda and aspertame in it, which has further advanced my theory that splenda makes me sick.

While I was at camp, I discovered an issue with the snowdrop shawl pattern. It certainly could be "user error" but I emailed the Yarn Harlot herself about it. Basically, I can't decide where to stop the triangle part (when it's done, of course).


Kim said...

Wow, no ID at all?

Good luck with the shawl!

radmama said...

Wow. My kidlets needed photo id to fly within Canada in 2002. Crazy-ness.

Rhett said...

i swear, i would write a letter of complaint to the TSA. that irks me so much, having a spouse that flys 4 times a week (min). i mean, it just screams unsafe and opens the door to discriminating law suits b/c if a male of any race other than white tried that, you know he wouldn't be allowed on.

like the new ticker at the top of your page. i am also glad you survived the weekend and will have pics soon. i might post a pic or two before the day is out... let me work a while and then get some free time :)

Stephanie said...

It also makes me wonder. Because, let's say hypothetically that you are indeed going to get on the plane to do bad things. You're leaving that plane as ashes or in handcuffs - and even if by some stray chance you don't - why would you care about showing any kind of picture ID? Any college kid knows someone who knows someone who makes fake IDs. You could get one calling yourself Donald Trump. You'd have to be a pretty stupid terrorist to not bother with an ID of some sort - you're flagged from the beginning.

Which makes me wonder, what is the point of asking for ID at all, really, other than keeping people from scalping tickets? Is it just to make us all feel better, knowing that everybody else on the plane has (theoretically) proven their identity to someone with a fancy card making machine?