Sunday, May 14, 2006

Sometimes I Knit

But first I called my mom today. Because, well, it's mother's day, and that's what you do. We went out to eat with Paul's mother's parents and then to a birthday party . . . and I finally took some pictures of two projects.

But really first, a story.

There's this department store here that's in the process of being taken over by Macy's (what isn't?) and everything was on clearance in the whole store. Some things more clearance than others. So Paul, his mother, and I were there shopping and came around to the shoes. There was a particular style that the Mothership and I both liked, and found in our sizes -

Her: These are pretty nice.
Me: And the price is right.
Her: Well you know what they say.
Me: What do they say?
Her: If the shoe fits...
Me: Wear it?
Her: No.
Her: Buy it in every color.
Me: Clearly my education has been lacking.
Complete strangers nearby: *giggles*

The yarn is Katia Bonita, which I picked up on clearance at AC Moore for $1 a ball. Yes, you read that right.

So, yes. I bought it in every color! (3 colors, 12 balls)

The scarf (oh yeah... it's a scarf!) is garter stitch, with occasional drop stitches to show off the ribbony-ness of this yarn. Size 11 bamboo needles. Springy.

We like to sleep. And the sleep? It is good.

And I just need to say this -

These? They look like chromosomes.

Wouldn't they sell better if they were just twisted?

Tune in this week for more adventures, including OHMYGOD did you SEE GREY'S ANATOMY and the perils of lace knitting.


Rhett said...

no i did not see grey's yet, but i tivoed it and will watch tonight....

the yarn should DEFINATELY be twisted and i want a drop stitch scarf! that is cute. gotta finish the mothers day present still on the needles though... haha, she was understanding :)

Barbara said...

I seen Grey's! HOLYCOW!!!! When does the new season start????