Monday, April 03, 2006


Hi guys.

I'm working on a big, big project right now. I will tell you all about it when it's over.

I have to take a brief blog haitus (blogitus?).

Also, I was practically struck with a knitting pattern idea. It's pretty good, I think. Like publishable. Of course I have to tease you all and stop there, because you never know.... although I will ask this:

When knitting a cardigan for a baby worked from the bottom up, is it better to knit back and sides all as one piece or as three separate pieces to be sewn up later? And is it better for the knitter, the finished look, or the parent trying to wrestle a child into it?

Because I think it would be easiest to knit in one piece to armpits, but that really complicates everything else. But it does avoid sewing, which is good for a "quick" project.


I hope to be posting regularly again soon. I really hate to go. But I have to. Off to the project!!

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