Thursday, April 06, 2006

The beat goes on...

Originally uploaded by stephanie with the yarn.
I made this. It's a calzone. It doesn't matter what's inside; just look at it. They sell pizza dough in the grocery stores here, all you have to do is let it come to room temp and go for it. Although pizza dough is pretty easy to make with a fancy mixer.

Insert fillings, fold, ........ and brush on butter. That's the trick. Butter.

(not margarine)


Sandy said...

oo pretty!! but what happens when you use margarine...i like my margarine

Kim said...

Butter makes everything better.

Stephanie said...

Death. Death happens when you use margarine.

Okay it won't, but it won't be quite as tasty. :)

Rhett said...

i want two!!!

wow that looks fantastic!