Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Wacky... Tuesday?


Yesterday was a rainy, nasty day. Mao the cat woke me up with the "HelpmeI'mdying" meows of utter dispair, except there was nothing wrong with her and she just wanted company. Paul and the boys took some curling lessons in the past few weeks and now they're doing actual matches, and instead of going out every night after curling we take turns cooking dinner. Last night was our turn and I made tortilla soup in the crock pot - I highly recommend this recipe. It tastes and looks like real Mexican (well, real Southern US Mexican) which is SORELY LACKING here in the Cold Place. Although I was told that the grocery waaay down towards the major city here has a big Mexican section but not to go alone. Hmmmm.

Live Vicariously
(because that's all I can afford)

I don't remember if I mentioned this already, but I found myself an LYS. At last!! And the lady who works there is not rude. There's an LYS probably 2-3 miles from me where the woman has been nothing but rude, which is such a disappointment. Also, they have a free "knitting class" but you have to knit with their products, which are mostly novelty yarns. Sorry folks, but I like to branch out a bit. I just want somewhere I can drop in and buy one ball of sock yarn or cashmerino baby or whatever and not be scowled at. Ugh. So I found a place, 8 miles away straight south, and it's completely in the country. They also offer spinning classes and sell fiber so who knows what will happen? It's funny how many yarn shops I've been in that were so, so very rude in a niche business where your biggest claim to existance is excellent customer service. And I'm not the kind of person who invites such attitude either!

That being said, I've been on a Herrschners mailing list forever getting weekly yarn sale alerts, and they have really beefed up their yarn sale website. Tabs to search by brand, price, and weight are at the top of the page. Must... excersise..... restraint.

Actual Knitting Content

I'm working pretty steadily on Clapotis (no progress pic, sorry!) but I recently finished this black and white scarf.

We are sorry but "Actual Knitting Content" has been preempted by blogger not permitting pictures. Grrrrrrrrr.

Wild and Wacky

Last week Rhett mentioned her dishcloth proliferation and made a note to go look up that Lion Brand dishcloth pattern at some point.


What I want to know is, is the world big enough for both the Knitted Uterus and the Womb?

What about this headband? Is this some sort of mating call?

I know the "Potato Chip" scarves are knockoffs. I just don't remember from what.

But I like the Bolero. In a different yarn.

Wild and Wacky in a Completely Different Way

No, Paul. I'm not getting ideas.


Rhett said...

excellent linkage on today's post... i read them all :) so, the womb is DISGUSTING! who would make such a horrid thing? what ever were they thinking? yuck... i am rocking back and forth.

i love the recipe for the soup... must try that this weekend. we are getting cold front today that is going to kill all the peaches and i am most upset. this is so unfair. i mean... why couldn't winter happen when it should have and now the peach trees are blooming and it is going to 30degrees and they are going to be killed... or severely thinned! pray for the little trees!!

Judy said...

That last one is what happens in countries where it's hard to get divorced!!

I hate years when the peaches down here all get killed, too. And it happens too often!