Wednesday, March 15, 2006

The Definition of Irony

Yesterday I couldn't get blogger to upload my pictures, which kind of put a damper on my actual knitting activity report.

Today, my camera informs me immediately after I take a few new pictures that it indeed does not have a memory card. Lies! So of course now that I can bring in pictures, I can't take any.

So here's the belated knitting update:

Pattern: Seed stitch, 11 stitches wide. That way every row starts with a knit stitch so I couldn't get lost, which is easy in this yarn!
Yarn: One strand of Joann Sensations Stellina in black and a strand of Patons Cha Cha (I think?? or it could have been the identical Wal-Mart cousin - Bernat Eyelash) in white, less than 1 skein each.
Needles: Size 15 Clover Bamboo straights, the vampire killers.

This scarf, which has a little of all sorts of fibers, is stretchy and warm. Mmmmmm. And a gift! Double Mmmmmm.

Now, let me see. Other knitting updates:

Clapotis is going quite well. Either the pattern or the fact that the yarn is 100% alpaca seems to spark conversation. I really, really love this yarn. And yet I can't take a picture to indicate my progress...

are you ready?

do you see where this is going?

yes, it is going downhill...


You know, this is really a moderately accurate representation. I've dropped all the lines indicated at the top.

It really is okay to smirk a little. I am a housewife, not a graphic designer! Ha!

This is my newest WIP, a pair of Jaywalkers for Paul in Trekking XXL color #102. They look way more awesome than the colors in MSPaint could capture, but I do what I can. With spraypaint. They are very manly and I kind of feel like I'm maybe knitting with toothpicks (size 2, I went up a size for manly sized socks. up!! up to the toothpicks!!).

Stand(ing water) in the place where you live...

On Monday night, Paul drove through a puddle in his Civic. The puddle was large, and his car hasn't run quite right since, so today the Civic goes to the car doctor. Please cross the appropriate digits that whatever it is doesn't cost much or anything to fix. The puddle was not that deep, and we weren't going fast. But the check engine light is on. :(

Birthday Wishes

Paul's birthday is next Monday, and it looks like we're going to have two parties - one for the "kids" (our friends) the weekend before and one for family the weekend after. Friends will be at our house, and family probably at Paul's mom's house since our friends have been here and the "family" party is escalating into "family and family friends" that we just can't handle here yet with all the boxes. Ha. So, the friends party is this Saturday and I'm making a chocolate cake with chocolate icing, homemade macaroni and cheese (crock pot), chili, french onion dip with dippy things, and cheese fries. At least. At least for now.

For his other birthday, Paul wants yellow cake with chocolate icing, homemade herb garlic baguette, spinach artichoke dip, cheesy beer dip (I assure you it is good), and.... and.....

I don't know what. I need another (or several other) foods, since there will be like 12 people there. So far we're thinking maybe sausages, hot dogs and pasta salad? Hmmmm.

Now that you're hungry, I'm going to go rummage for some lunch. It's almost noon here. :-p


Michelle said...

Hahaha. You were right to send me this way. Thanks for the giggle. I may have to try this sometime. :D

SJ said...

The curling stone cake was very cool. Did you take a picture before it was devoured?

Stephanie said...

Oh yes.... coming shortly haha