Friday, February 17, 2006

Lace is not that warm.

  • Today is WINDY. The power is out in some places, and the wind has been as fast as 80mph nearby. That is hurricane force, beware! according to the fearmongering newscasters on the tv. Note, I am inside.
  • I have a habit of buying many identical items when they are on sale for cheap. This is how, after picking up a bottle of ketchup to symbolize a new start in a new home (or some such nonsense, I don't know, I was craving salt) I unpacked a box and found two more bottles of ketchup. They are identical.
  • In unrelated news, we have two irons. 49 times out of 50, we throw things into the dryer and forgo the ironing. Why do we have two irons? I cannot explain.
  • I hope all my southern friends have a nice cold weekend. With power, and firewood. The high here tomorrow is 17.
  • That's degrees.
  • Fahrenheit.
  • And you wondered why I call it the Cold Place.
  • Regarding the Knitting Olympics project, due to a failed concert attempt I was drinking and knitting lace last night. Of 20 rows, I've definitely salvaged the first 10 but there are some branched out leaves that are kind of not even close to right. Let me see if I can capture the madness...

I know, it's kind of hard to tell. But believe me. Those leaves ain't right. So back 10 rows I go, which I am okay with.

  • The scarf, without the bad leaves, is an unblocked 16 inches long.

  • There's a special report about the wind, the the weather man said they ran out of colors for how strong the wind is. Cool!

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