Friday, October 14, 2005

Tragic Kingdom

At some point I may or may not have mentioned my sad accident of sock yarn.


Well here you go. I bought some magic stripes yarn. It makes two socks. Then I saw some sock-ish yarn at Michael's - Moda Dea Sassy Stripes in this lucious pinkness color called crush (which I haven't seen represented well on the internet, but anyway). It was on clearance. I bought a ball.

Paul took me to a yarn shop in a town where he was doing a lot of out of town work. I told him to pick out some sock yarn so he could have socks - and I got a ball of that.

People, all balls of yarn are not created equal. I know this. I don't know what possessed me, but I didn't really pay attention to how much yarn I was not buying. Magic stripes comes in 100g balls.... and the other two only come in 50s.


So now that I've come to this realization, I brainstormed what to do with my small collection of completely different sock yarns. Which is approximately the time I discovered Knitty's Broad Street Mittens - convertible mittens. Glorious, convertible mittens - mitten tops sewn on to fingerless gloves so that the mitten part can be folded back and buttoned down. While I (tragically) don't have the yarn for a pair, I do have the yarn for the fingerless glove part!

So here I am, on approximately row 11 (counting not my forte - do you count the stitches on the needle? I think so.. but I don't know.... ) and I tried it on complete with needles poking out everywhere...

which is when I realized that it's too big.


I was using size 3 needles. Must go down to 2s, and they won't arrive for another 5-10 days (

I cry for my gloriously pink gloves that won't be for ... a while.

Back to those magic socks, and all my other works in progress.


Jenifer said...

Hi Stephanie! Nice blog! Yay to you for starting one ... isn't it fun? I see you're working on your thesis ... what do you study? I'm so glad I didn't know how to knit when I was writing mine, because it would have been the ultimate procrastination ... but your projects look nice! I think that Cape Cod sweater is pretty cute, but my own husband would think the irregular purl rows a little too irregular (he's pretty conservative, at least in dress). Anyhow, I mislinked that comment ... Michelle ( left me a comment warning me away from Herrschners. Here is her comment from last week: "I saw herrshners sale but the are horrible to order from!! I can't tell you how many orders they've screwed up didn't send lost,e tc.. Actaully I never heard of anyone really haviong anything postiive to say about them so I stay clear of them totally butt hose prices are sooo good!"

Okay, enough for today! Take care!

Yarn Abuse said...

That colorway is adorable. I think you do count the stitches on the needle, but, um, you may want to verify with someone else as I am the creater of the humpback sweater of doom.

Yarn Abuse said...

Ok, so weird, I can see your new posts on bloglines, but then I go to your site to comment and I no see them any mo'! ;_;