Saturday, February 09, 2008

OMGosh, Y'All

This year is slipping away from me! It's already February, and not even the beginning of February really. I am close to finished with a knitted soaker that I dyed the yarn for and will be selling, yes, selling! More about that soon. Spike turned nine months old yesterday. My sweet little one is more a little boy than a baby every day.

Some snow pics from near New Year's:

Sled ride 01012008

This snow 01012008

A little Christmas:

WEEEEE 12252007

Now can I open 12252007

I'm the present 12252007

Christmas with my parents in South Carolina:

I got this! 12192007

Christmas with Polly and her parents:

Pat the Polly 12162007

These kids are darn cute if I do say so myself.


Sandy said...


Rhett said...

oh my gosh is right! those kids are darn cute! and he's wearing the rascal outfit polly gave him! :) NEAT.

that is the most.awesome.snow.suit. i've ever seen. i want one!

glad to see you post again! i missed pictures!