Sunday, November 04, 2007

November Resolutions

We're taking it easy this weekend at the Yarnhaus. We've been go go go every weekend for, well, weeks, and so today we're catching up on the DVR and our (okay, my) knitting. But now some relatives are coming over. So in the spirit of rest and reflection, an-hour-in-the-armchair-is worth-a-year-in-the-field-ish-ness, this post is part of my ongoing quest to keep up with New Year's resolutions. You can see what I've said before by viewing the resolutions category.

1. Make household goals and crafty goals. The Christmas crafting list covers the crafty end of this. Household goals seem so silly when getting through a day with three meals is an accomplishment. But I'd like to make a stash of frozen baby food (yup, time to think about that!), to have emergency food supplies on hand, and to write a will. Morbid, yes, but important since we have a baby now.

2. Make time for blogging. Do I detect improvement?

3. Get out of the house a few times per week. I'm definitely doing this now, thanks to my little playgroup. I learned to make jelly!

4. Work towards making my home a better place to live. This is entertwined with #1. I feel like if I could just get it together I would be all set - but would I? I don't even know.

5. Design a budget and track spending to increase savings. I still haven't worked on this. Rhinebeck didn't help.

6. Write down the pattern for the baby sweater I designed. Knit another one in the process. Hasn't happened yet...

7. Stick to the Holiday Crafting Plan. So far, so good. I mean, if you don't count the baby sweater I started or the crochet wool baby long pants. Um...

8. Craft for charity. I wanted to make three Hats for Alex by Hallween. I haven't made a single one. So I will aim for Christmas. Anybody want to join me?

9. Knit one project Continental-style. Not yet. Maybe those hats...

10. Crochet something cool.

11. Catch up with Spike's thank you notes. I did the shower, at least, but I have some work to do. Still.

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Anonymous said...

I'll join you in the Hats for Alex goal! Thanks so much for posting the link.