Thursday, November 08, 2007


It's cold outside and I have symptoms that point to either allergies or a cold. It's hard to say which it might be, but I have discovered that blowing my nose scares the little one. For now I'm pushing orange juice and hoping for the best, but somehow that didn't stop me from having cake for breakfast.

I can't upload any pictures from my camera during the week at the moment. But I'm doing the decreases after turning the heel on the shooting stockings and decreasing the sleeve on the easy baby cardigan. And I've made a little progress on PD's craft (Rhett's baby). It's tricky to set things up to work on it though when it's just me and my baby. Things could get very messy. Leave it to me to choose a fussy project when I am least able to deal with that!

Also, I love Ravelry. I take a look at all new Knitty issues but I somehow missed Corazon. I love these colorwork mittens (flickr pics, ravelry pics). I'm needlesnswiffers.

I hunted and finally found the Interweave Knits Holiday issue this weekend at my grocery store. I'm only halfway through it, but so far I like a lot of the projects, particularly the Sugarplum Shrug. Koolhaas reminds me of Shedir from Knitty (but it's been a while since I looked at it). I love the colors in the Fireside Stocking but who knows if it's something I'll ever make.

Today is November 8th. Six months ago in another 13.5 hours, I had a baby. I'll do a post on it when the camera-computer continuum is restored, but I will say that my baby is awesome and I can't imagine life any other way.


SJ said...

Oo. I also missed Corazon (though I'm not good at keeping up). That looks like a terrific quick (and inexpensive) knit.

I can't believe Spike is 6 months old already.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your new baby. :o) Much love and happiness to you guys!

Rhett said...

i used to think... what's happened to stephanie... she doesn't post anymore (but you maintained awesome email status...) and now i realize... what happened to stephanie was spike... b/c what's happened to me is polly and though there is a computer, and pictures, and internet and a sleeping baby (sometimes)... there is also too much else to do... like hold the baby :) speaking of... mine just woke up.

good luck crafting... i have a scarf to finish before Christmas and thankfully i am half way... but i make no promises to have it complete...