Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Two-color knitting makes me not want to leave the house ever again (but not for the reason you think)

Last night I dreamed about Endpaper Mitts. I was talking to Sarah about hers and I was planning a pair of my own. Dreaming about it wasn't much of a surprise since I took a two-colors-in-two-hands knitting class last night at my LYS.

I was only gone 2 hours and 15 minutes. I left a bottle for Spike and fed him just before I left. Paul and his grandmother were both here. But apparently about an hour after I left Spike decided he was hungry and refused the bottle. At some point Grandma went to pick him up and fell on her butt (everybody was unhurt). And apparently that last hour and 15 was, errm, loud. Now, I can't pretend to understand the whims of a baby, but Spike has only had, oh, maybe 6 bottles ever, and he's never flat-out refused one. He wanted the source and a nap please, thank you very much!

Since we all love to see Spike, here he is trying to kiss Leap.

Froggy Love 09022007

(Just a note - Paul is about 3 millimeters outside this frame, doing the responsible parent thing and waiting to catch Spike should he catapault himself off the couch. A lot of our pictures seem to show Spike in perilous situations, inches from death, but I assure you that there is always more to the scene than the camera can see. We would never intentionally put him in harm's way, even when he cries for an hour and 15 minutes.)


Stephieface said...

If you wrap him in bubble wrap like a snow suit he could fall off the couch and remain uninjured.... he could also entertain himself by rolling around and making the popping noise. :D

Steph said...

It might feel restrictive right now.. but it's soooo good to be needed that bad.. ;-)

radmama said...

No one will ever love your breasts that much again!

Cup feeding and spoon feeding are options, but nothing is really mama but mama.

A few more months and he'll be able to eat a few tidbits of solids when you're away and he's peckish.

Btw, he's cute as a button! I have a hat for him... must send it before he outgrows it! I have been waiting until I finished Kidlet 2's knee socks, knit with your hand dyed yarn and some solid yellow Brown Sheep. I may not finish for a bit, much to her annoyance, so I'll just send the hat and follow up with a digital record of my sock progress.

Rhett said...

oh my goodness - he's a little man!! he's so grown up!! and very cute :)

love to spike!!!