Monday, July 02, 2007

Lots of Random Things

So, Stephieface tagged me, like, forever ago with the 8 random things meme.

Then Sandy tagged me on a 7 random things meme!

I could hold out for a third tagging to complete the random trifecta but I'm afraid the meme gods would have upped the ante to 21 random things or something, and although those that know me know that I have WELL IN EXCESS of 21 random things about me, there are only so many that I'm prepared to admit and put out there on the internetses.

Why don't we shoot for 15 (8+7, natch) and see how we do.

The rules:
1. Each player starts with 8 random facts/habits about themselves.
2. People who are tagged write a blog post about their own 8 random things and post these rules.
3. At the end of your blog you need to tag 8 people and post their names.
4. Don’t forget to leave them a comment and tell them they’re tagged, and to read your blog.

1. Since May 8, it is safe to assume that any time I am online or typing or otherwise using a computer that I am nursing at the keyboard (NAK). It takes just shy of forever because I am often using only one hand. I try, though. Sometimes he's just sleeping on my arm, which similarly handicaps my typing speed. At best, there is a sleeping baby on my lap. I started this entry June 4th.

2. I am currently working my dream job. I always knew I wanted to marry Mr. Right and stay home with the kid(s). With a combination of hard work and a little luck, it became my reality.

3. Gas prices aside, I think nothing of hopping in the car and driving 4-5 hours. I like driving and road trips are fun! Of course, who can afford them now? And, there is the small matter of the baby. He requires preparation. But I'd really like a getaway.

4. Spike is 100% breastfed and probably 95% cloth diapered. We have about 20 disposables around, mostly for toting in the diaper bag. I absolutely LOVE breastfeeding and cloth diapering, and can't imagine me wanting to do it any other way. I wish every woman had access to the breastfeeding information I have to make it work if they want to.

5. The older I get, the more concerned I am about the impact of daily life on the earth. Hence the cloth diapers. I'm slowly working on getting more wholesome foods in our diet and minimizing processed foods. Ingredient labels are scary, and a balanced diet is so important.

6. I'm a breakfast eater. Occasionally I'll pass on the breakfast, or wake up so late that breakfast is now lunch (who, me??) but 97 times out of 100 if I miss breakfast I am CRANKY.

7. I love baking bread. I think it's because breadmaking was portrayed as some kind of very difficult activity by my mom growing up, and when I tried it I seemed to be good at it! Ideally, I'd bake bread as often as needed. Right now... it's hot. And there's a baby sleeping on my lap.

8. I have lots of great ideas and sometimes a very slow follow-through. I hate that about myself.

9. I love Netflix and forget to use it nearly as often as I should.

10. If everybody paused and thought about what they say before they say it, the world would be a happier, more peaceful place.

11. I love yarn. It really inspires an emotional reaction. To my surprise, beautiful fabrics are starting to do the same. Hello, sewing machine! I do not have time for you at the moment but someday I will!

12. I love to create food. I can almost always get something that tastes good, but visually I am almost never satisfied. It would help if I liked a red food other than pasta sauce and ketchup.

13. I fantasize about starting different careers and travelling to exotic locales. I'll spend a week considering and researching, and then I usually forget all about it.

14. I love Harry Potter. I'm turning off the internet and TV on July 19 at night and not turning them on again until after I finish reading the book. I REFUSE to have the ending spoiled. I have reread all the books before each new book's release since book 5, and I haven't missed an opening day at the movies. I question the feasibility of both at this stage. :(

15. I watch way too much tv. I have it on simply for noise much of the day every day, but I still watch too much. We got DVR this year because CSI and Grey's Anatomy went head to head and we couldn't miss either. We also watch Heroes, 24, NCIS, House, The Unit, Bones, Criminal Minds, Ugly Betty, and a whole bunch of other stuff. TO BE FAIR, I am knitting or baby tending through these shows. Sometimes both.

Okay, how's that for random? I have to go watch the baby sleep now. And read some Harry Potter. And work on my current ... crochet... project. OOooOooo....

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ETownDZ said...

I just finished book 5 on my big HP re-read. I'm such a geek. I always reread the entire series when a new book or movie is coming out. Now, all I can think is.... I'll be 34 weeks when book 7 comes out. I better not go into labor before then, or I'll be pissed. Wow. Big dork, here. Ah well.