Tuesday, May 01, 2007


I am 39 weeks pregnant.

I assure you, no one is more anxious about the birth of this child than me.

So, all you relatives who think it's cute to call and email me every day - it's not. It's annoying. As if I don't have enough to worry about, I now have to consider whether it will stress me more to answer or ignore your contact.


I have knitting to do for goodness sake!

Of course, none of them read this so I'm just preaching to the choir. :-p


Rhett said...


Harassing a pregnant woman is rude - and dangerous!

Karen said...

Enjoy your knitting and gestating!

Stephieface said...


My Mister has an uncle, who at the end of each of my pregnancies manages to somehow trap me in a corner somewhere and ask every five minutes if I've popped yet.
You know, because the sounds of labor and a screaming blobby baby wouldn't be a clue.
Personally, I've always wanted to send a picture of the "Netherlands" to nosey family with instructions to keep watching the space to see if they can see the baby peeking out... then they are to call me and let me know when to go to the hospital and give birth. Low class yes.... shuts them up, possibly. ;)

Rhett said...

send picture... hahahaha!!! that is good advice.

ill have to remember that!

ETownDZ said...

Hope you and the baby are well, whether still cooking or newly checking out the world.