Monday, February 19, 2007

Ghost in the Machine

The DVR is possessed and won't let me record Heroes. It says I'm recording 3 things at once (not allowed) even though it's the only thing I'm trying to add. I'm even compromising already because I'd like to record 24 and Heroes and IT HATES ME.

I bet you'd like to see some pics of the crazy wild snow we had. We got about two feet here on Valentine's Day. It wasn't really that bad, we just stayed home and Paul got to exercise the snowblower a few times. The cats are not amused and would like their grassy lawn back.

So on our day trapped in the house, Paul moved my sewing machine out of the corner of the room at the end of the house to the living room and I made curtains. The instant gratification of sewing is practically droolworthy, and today I'm working on another project.

Pictures of all to come, after I finish playing at the sewing machine...


Sandy said...

I must see some pictures of these curtains!

Rhett said...

at least the ghost is in the DVR not the sewing machine :) i was worried by the title! :)