Friday, September 15, 2006

I Need YOU! *points*

I need to find the nicest, softest, buttery-feelingist superwash wool in existance. If it's not superwash, I can deal. But I NEED it to be soft.

Long story, but the story ends with someone I know delivering a 28 week (I think) preemie who is doing great, but could use some handknits. Soft handknits. Quick handknits.

Thanks in advance.


Rhett said...

im not that smart - ill go looking though! no known yarns off the top of my head :)

radmama said...

what about a cotton/wool blend? Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece? Or Debbie Bliss Cashmerino/ Baby Cashmerino? I knit my kidlets little hats to wear under their bike helmets with the Cashmerino that are supersoft.

Kim said...

My superwash wool knowledge is woefully lacking, but Mission Falls 1824 cotton is to. die. for. and is very washable.

I just googled "softest superwash wool" and Lorna's Laces Shepherd Worsted came up, as did Mission Falls 1824 wool. I guess any superwash with merino in it? I've actually touched the Cascade 220 superwash and found it to be not too bad, but for itty bitty babies, I'm not too sure.

Ok, I'm a big help, I'll go back to my hole.

Rohanknitter said...

I have some Lorna's Laces Shepherd sock yarn that is superwash and super-soft, so if you can get the same thing in a larger gauge yarn, that might work really well.

Chris said...

I agree with the Baby Cashmerino. It's soooo soft. I have about all the colors in my stash. If you can't find it locally, email me chrisknitz at insightbb dot com. We stock it in the shop I work at.