Wednesday, July 26, 2006

A Housewife with Links 1:5 - The Food Edition

I have a confession to make. I haven't felt like knitting lately.

Now before you guys wrestle me to the ground and take my temperature or feed me some evil-cleansing drink with lemon juice and cayenne pepper, I think it's mostly the weather. Even when the air is on, I feel hotter knitting. Not that kind of hot. The bad hot.

Instead, the links this week seem to have a different theme - food.

To Eat

Paul suffers from my stories pretty often, and in this case I think I'll share the suffering. I had this friend in high school who was a Barenaked Ladies fan long before it was cool. I liked them also, and introduced their music to my sister who LOVED them. I mean, named pets after them and memorized their birthdays. So the summer before college, the three of us took my mom's car (with permission) and drove to Virginia to see them. My school friend (half-Filipino) had relatives (completely Filipino) in the area as well, who directed us to a Filipino store. There were all sorts of interesting things there, none of which I remember clearly, but I do remember that my friend bought this food that we ate later at home. Soon I understood why she was so excited to find it. I don't know what it was called. It looked like an extra large, pale, dinner roll. Inside the bread was shredded meat and a sauce. The bread was more moist than a dinner roll, slightly sweet. I think the meat inside roughly compares to pulled pork bbq (the only kind) with a sweet ketchup based sauce.

You guys are so nice. I'm getting to the point here.

Off and on, I've wondered about this weird little meal I had eight years ago. Yeah, eight. Now that I'm getting pretty good at pulled pork, I started looking around and found this recipe. I'm going to try it tomorrow.

And you should probably know, if you don't already, that pretty much rocks.

I found this super cool collection of corn bread recipes.

Lest we forget, Crazy Aunt Purl taught us all how to make fried okra. For those of you about to ask - yes, they sell it here.

Not to Eat

Have you ever gone rummaging through Mom or Grandma's old recipe books to come across a particularly ... um ... old-fashioned looking specimen? Did you mock the cakes? How about the jello molds? If you like old-timey bad food photography and hilarious commentary, check out the Gallery of Regrettable Food. Make sure you see Dr. Pepper.

You're welcome.

These I Would Not Eat, But They Cause Many Questions

Because, as some of you already know, I do not in fact eat babies .

Now, the announcement you've all been waiting for - Blogger of the Week. This week's honor goes to the Yarn Harlot, mostly due to this:

Seriously. Bud is exempt. Turns out that 3.2% beer is considered "food" and can
still be obtained. (Having drunk the first Bud of my life now, I can see why.
With all due respect, it's really more like beer scented water. I drank it with
enormous grateful enthusiasm regardless.)

When I read this, I nearly snarfed the last glass of wine in the house.

She writes knitting humor - a niche if there ever was one - and her most recent book is really top notch. The first two are essentially witty knitting vignettes, which are fun reading but also kind of bloggy. Knitting Rules, however, I have read cover to cover twice. There are tricks, like how to measure a person's foot without the foot, and charts and tables and philosophies. There are also a few basic knitting recipes. It's a great read as well as a reference, and it was money well spent.

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Kristy said...

Ahh, Stephanie, I've missed you! What a great post. I completely understand your (temporary, I'm sure) aversion to knitting. I had the same affliction for about a month or so. It will get better. I've got the bug again and it has been in the 110+ range here. Last night I was up til 3 working on a dishcloth. Sick sick.