Wednesday, June 28, 2006

A Housewife with Links, Volume 1 Issue 2

Fiber-type Fun

Search for a yarn shop anywhere in the US with I even found some places I didn't know about yet!

I subscribe to the knitbits newsletter. They had some free shrug patterns advertised in the issue I received last Friday. Now, I ask you - pattern advertising? or soft-core porn? (I would call this safe for work. However, not safe for my eyes.)

Not Fiberous, Just Weird

Cleaning supply switcharoo.

Dave Barry, a humor columnist for like ever, has a blog. If you are 24 fan, definitely bookmark this one for next season as he does updates during new shows every few minutes.

Harry Potter is My Friend and Yours

I know that I am a year behind, but I just discovered the MuggleCast from (Forgive me, it started right when I got married last year and there were a few things going on.) I've thoroughly enjoyed the podcasts so far. If you're an HP fan, they make excellent background for knitting...

Coming soon....a finished sock, links that open in their own windows, and adventures in grilling.


SJ said...

I specifically like the cleaning supply switcheroo. That's just funny.

Our computer didn't like the muggle link though, and we were watching the game. Now we can't get the game to come back on. MLB keeps telling us we are blacked out, but we were getting it before. AAAAAAAAA!

Rhett said...

look out world, another streaming audio that is not yet blocked from work computers! oh happy day!

thank you oh wise one!

:) in hp news... we have to wait until july 07 for the next movie?!!? what is that? must find books at home to re-read. :)

Michelle said...

Ooooh. Thanks for the mugglecast link. Apparently I am the one that is behind in that news