Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Linguine with Lace

Last night I made Linguine with Scallops, basically modeled after this recipe. It turned out quite well - I added some Parmesan cheese at the end and some white wine during cooking. Tasty!

Last week I gave in to this weird, out of the blue urge to make a lace shawl and stopped by my LYS to buy the skein of white laceweight merino I remembered they had in stock. They had some other nice colors too, which may come in handy. On Sunday I spent part of a Harry Potter, Simpsons, War at Home, Desperate Housewives, and Grey's Anatomy and hit the halfway mark on winding up the hank into a center-pull ball. Last night I wound through Honey We're Killing the Kids (note to self: never eat again), 24, and CSI: Miami. About halfway through the news I finally finished winding! The yarn had one break so most of it is in a nice ball (which Paul calls "the egg" and wants to see what will hatch) and some is wound up rather untidyly on a toilet paper tube. I have done a little lace before (Branching Out for the Knitting Olympics) but I did it in cotton - not the best fiber for lace. I had to use smaller needles to make it look right, and there's no blocking magic at the end.


I am maybe 3 inches into this shawl (the Harlot's Snowdrop shawl, point up) and I can already understand why some people are so addicted to lace.



Rhett said...

beautiful shawl!! holy cow, that is so pretty!! yummy pasta too...
so sad i can't eat the scallop any more... i went to a fishcamp on thursday. it was good, but like a good, hates being a newly discovered seafood allergy person, i ordered flounder and chicken fingers... well... apparently allergies get worse and more sensitive b/c my fish and chicken were probably cooked in the oil of someones shrimp and oysters (thanks dad) and by noon on friday i was puffed up like a baby blowfish with hives starting on my tummy... enter super benadryll!!! i slept the rest of the day away and didn't end up in the er this time... but dang... can't even eat at a fish camp! what the heck!?!

seriously, the shawl is amazing.... i am so impressed!

SJ said...
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SJ said...

That shawl puts my shawl to shame and then some!

It's beaauuutiful!

(Don't mind my accidentally deleting my prior post. It's been that kind of a day.)

Paul said...

That ball of yarn also resembles an albino navel orange.