Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Comedy or Drama

Geez, well we've had an interesting week. I guess it was our turn to go through the wringer, or something. Hmmm.

It all started last Monday night when we drove through a puddle in Paul's car. Last Wednesday I posted that the check engine light was on and to please cross your fingers - well, Paul decided on the way home Wednesday to take the car in first thing Thursday. I followed him so I could take him to work afterwards. We were halfway out of the neighborhood when he called my cell to say it was fine after all; I decided to follow him anyway.

The picture that is my previous post might indicate what happened about 5 minutes down the road later - as Paul tells the story, his "superhuman wife" pulled over, got out and pushed his car out of the road. Yes, that's right. I pushed his car. Cuz I'm awesome.

So then AAA towed us to the Honda dealer and several hours (during which I went home and had a startling revelation that it was only 9am) and $600 later... the car was fixed. It needed a tuneup anyway, and an oil change, and then there were some issues due to the water...ugh. $600.

And we just paid off our move (that was not cheap).


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Rhett said...

hahahahaha... just kidding... not that funny... but it is when i go back and look at the picture and then think of YOU pushing the car! oh good lord... and all before 9am... i hope you had coffee when you got home! :)

work was interesting today... i gotta post about it... probably tonight after idol :)