Thursday, February 09, 2006

Welcome to the Internets!

It is here! Also, we have digital cable in the living room. Most excellent.

I have an awful lot of boxes to unpack. And this morning in the shower I started thinking I should blog about the Cheesy Gordita crunch from Taco Bell. Um, what? Clearly the lack of cooking and eating of real food has effected my brain. Not in a good way. Cheese.

So you want pictures, but you can't have pictures, you can't handle pictures, because they are on my camera which is in my car. Bad idea kids. Gotta go retrieve it. Not crazy, cheese.

Maybe I'll make myself some lunch, although I'm missing some critical ingredients for just about everything except leftover pizza. Delish! Clearly I am lacking protein. But I'm back! And Paul comes home today from Away where he was for 3 days, 3 days where I was supposed to touchup the hallway (done) and paint a room (uhhhhh) and the movers brought the rest of the stuff and the cable man cometh and I think there was something else I forgot to do. I hope it wasn't too important.


Kim said...

Cable and Internets are most important. And you totally made me crave Taco Bell for lunch.

Good luck with your unpacking!

Rhett said...