Wednesday, February 01, 2006

That's Mah House!

The closing is scheduled for tomorrow! Yay!! No more living with relatives!! I can't wait to have my real kitchen again.

At least, that's my cover. Because I'm really just sick of having everysinglepersonisee ask me all the intimate details of purchasing a house. I get it, you're all very interested. And concerned. But I don't need every person asking, have you called so-and-so? Did you get such-and-such? Is your name Paul or Stephanie? No? Then back off! And some people get petulant because I tell them not to do something because I'd prefer to do it myself. It is my house. Have I mentioned that it's my house?


So anyway, I hope - really hope - for a knitting blog soon. I've been working on scarves in the evenings but they aren't exactly mentally stimulating, but I haven't been up for much anyway. Besides, I think tonight I'll start collecting our things to take to the new house!!

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Rhett said...

Collect your belongings, hold them tightly to your chest, stand at the front door looking back over your shoulder... give your polite goodbyes... swing your head towards to door as to fluff your hair around with that designing women, southern charm that you have the mental image of as.i.write. and walk out of the old house, into the new! Enjoy!