Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Bullets, not the shooting kind

Another edit: Go look at the link from yesterday. It's the blog for a fundraising event benefiting Habitat for Humanity in Louisiana. They are selling prints of photos taken during Mardi Gras in the past, here (password is katrina). And these people are legit, I promise. And you get a photo! And if you've been watching Oprah you know Louisiana is still a mess. So at least go look, the photography is fantastic.

(Ok this is the last time I'm updating this post, I swear. Just moving to the top.)

  • It's snowing!
  • I still get excited about snow. Even though it happens all the time now, I guess.
  • Dear Soap Opera people, Have you considered that maybe if you just slept with the one person instead of like 85, you would probably know exactly who the father of your child is? Also, children do not age magically in Switzerland, and people who die do not come back. Thank you.
  • Did I say it was snowing because it totally is!!
  • Rain? Don't care so much. Must be my coastal Southern upbringing.
  • Hi, if you tried to call me this morning and I sent you to voice mail prematurely, I apologize. I picked up the phone, accidentally pressing a button, and then the call was missed. I'm afraid of strangers so I couldn't possibly actually call you back.
  • Apparently I am not getting along with the technologies today because my site won't work for me. I updated some links in the sidebar and I've checked them numerous times, and the site comes up in template preview, but gets stuck on blogger's top bar when I try to load the actual site.
  • ???????
  • Edit: It works now that I published this post. Ha, it was just hungry!
  • Check out Crazy Aunt Purl today. She is like the Knitting Internet Oprah. And her pink budget spreadsheet can and will change the world.


Leslea said...

Too legit to quit, y'all.

Thanks, we made the local news tonight! Woot! Only a week left until Mardi Gras, here's hoping we sell some prints!!!!! :)

Every link to the site helps!!! :)

Jenifer said...

Hey Steph! Thanks for the head's up on the cotton chenille .... I knew there was a reason that I never really wanted to knit with it. :)