Monday, February 13, 2006

Brains are scattered

  • We got just under one inch of snow yesterday. Now, if you know where I am and mapquest it, you will wonder how that is possible since NYC got 26.9 inches. Life, and snow, are just not fair.
  • Paul installed a cat door all by himself in the door between the kitchen and garage, and now the litter box is not in the house. Maddie has figured it all out, but Mao doesn't go out the door and goes through an ordeal to pull the door open, bite it, and stick her head through. This is probably cat torture. I must get a video.
  • Trash service is privately done here, and we set up service to start last Thursday. We didn't get service or the fancy trashcan, and called and got an apology and a trash can on Friday. Unfortunately, we also now have enough trash to fill that can three times. Oh, and get this - they don't recycle boxes or paper here because they "have no market". AAARRRRGG!! And apparently around here only homeless people actually use the machines to get back bottle deposits.
  • I have to put batteries back in all the remote controls.
  • We found a box that consisted entirely of one lampshade. Carefully wrapped.
  • Items we have also found, carefully wrapped: a nametag and binder clip, the bowl (no lid) of a sugar bowl still containing sugar, and an empty jar that once held sundried tomatoes.
  • Yesterday we finally found the box that contains our dishes.
  • Last night I fell asleep just before 9. Paul says he couldn't get me to wake up until after Desperate Housewives and Grey's Anatomy. I think it was a plot. :(
  • Then I dreamed that Paul's father threw out all my spices.
  • (ummmm..... huh?)
  • I want to make pasta and tomato sauce tonight.

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Rhett said...

Did you make Pasta sauce? Sounds Yummy! It also seems that you are making great progress! I am happy for you and glad you are getting settled in...even if Mao is having issues.