Monday, January 30, 2006


So I've been thinking, and I think that it might have been inherently impossible to outrun the 18-wheeler of doom that contains half of my worldly belongings.

Hang on, I'll explain.

So we were renters. That helped with this whole moving ... thing. Renters buying our first house. Renters hoping to be out of the house by the end of January so we don't pay February rent. We hoped to close today, originally, but by the tense of the verb you may have guessed that we didn't - but they are scheduling the closing this afternoon at some point. Unfortunately, 18-wheelers of doom wait for no house closings, and the one with half our stuff arrives tomorrow at 2pm. The first day on the date range available. DAMN! So we're working with the current owners to allow us to store this load since we really have no where else to put it.

This load?

Half your worldly belongings?

Oh yeah, that. So after all those boxes got packed and I fell into a blissful sleep of the dead, Friday arrived and so did the moving truck driver. He came in, looked around, and went to turn his truck around. The packers arrived and I asked them how things looked.

"Well .... I don't mean to alarm you" you totally just did! "but after the overflow from the last pickup, I don't have enough room on my truck for all of your load."


Well then. Clearly Operation GROSs was a failure. I didn't tell them that, though. Don't show weakness! Besides, that part wasn't really a problem beyond the fact that half of our stuff is showing up tomorrow (clearly a problem in and of itself) and the other half shows up February 7th. No extra charges, based on that anyway. The extra charges come from underestimating the number of boxes necessary (by about 30) and underestimating the weight of the load by................. three thousand pounds. So you guys might not see much of me anymore since we might not be able to afford electricity or internet for the next several years.

What was my point? Oh yes. Running. So, in case you were wondering (and I heard you totally were) it's impossible to outrun the 18-wheeler if you have to be there to watch them load it AND present at the house closing, and you have to do both of those things before the truck gets there. Yup.

This is going to be a long week.


Kristy said...

Moving...such a joy.

When I was growing up, we used to move every two to three years. After one particularly trying move my mother turned to my father as the moving men were tallying up ALL the broken items and said, "If we have to move again, I am lighting this shit on fire and starting over from scratch." You know it was a bad move when my southern born and southern bred southern Baptist mother says shit in front of company.

Good luck!

Rhett said...

Oh that is too funny. As a most recent house seller, I was not friendly to the people who wanted to move in early. Knowing your situation, I feel sympathy for you and hope that your sellers are nicer than I was :) The funny thing is... when I turned them down, they got the closing done in time. Amazing!

Don't give up internet or phones... Give up something else, like pretzels. internet and phones are too important!