Monday, January 02, 2006

Happy New Year! *yawn*

So what if I've spent most of the New Year sleeping? Paul and I unexpectedly hosted a New Year's party of which there are many pictures. Oh yes. And short videos shot on cameras. So far, though, other than sleeping I'm mostly hungry since we have cleaned out the perishables earlier than anticipated. We're going to meet the wedding photographer today to put together our album. We're trying to leave tomorrow but it will probably be Wednesday. Ack!

Mortgages have a lot of paperwork, and I'm kind of put off by the appraiser who calls out of the blue to ask for money. Calls my father-in-law, no less.

I haven't posted much lately because this computer isn't getting along with blogger. To the point that I can type an entire sentence before the first few words show up on the screen. Very annoying.

I can't believe we're moving.

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