Thursday, November 10, 2005

The Detergent is in the Details

Did you know that if you run the dishwasher and forget to add detergent that nothing gets clean? Yeah, me too. That didn't stop me though, I was on a mission! A clean dish mission!

Knitting content on the way.


Judy said...

Did you also know that putting in the hand-washing kind of detergent instead of the dishwasher kind results in suds all over the floor? Ask me how I know this.

Rhett said...

I waited and WAITED yesterday for a posting... and only the DISHWASHER?!? Oh goodness. What am I to do with you. I have a suds story... it involves my washing machine that likes to flood the laundry room. Kevin think's it's operator error... I suggested he could do laundry... now we are looking at new machines :)